Tesla Set to Invest Significantly in Germany

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Elon Musk & Nikola Tesla (Elon Musk image courtesy of Esquire)

Elon Musk & Nikola Tesla (Elon Musk image courtesy of Esquire)

Tesla’s co-founder, Elon Musk, recently revealed that his company will be seeking to make significant investments in Germany. The company, which has already been able to make quite impressive progress in Europe, is looking to expand its market share there. Its best selling model, Model S, has become very popular in Norway where the cars have had good results due to Norwegians’  openness to new technologies. In Germany, Tesla has initiated several projects. Their completion will ensure an increase in the company’s presence within European countries.

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Service Centers
The company has recently rolled out plans to set up five more service centers in Germany before the end of the 2013. These centers are going to be strategic in giving clients a quick response to any concerns or issues they may be experiencing. Tesla is looking to have 80% of the country’s population living within 62 miles of a service center by the end of 2014. This will make it one of the most accessible service providers in the country.  Service centers will be equipped with state of the art facilities, which will make it possible for the company to serve its clients efficiently and conclusively.

Increase Superchargers

Image of the Tesla dealership in Washington, D.C., where sales have gone up over the past year.

Image of the Tesla dealership in Washington, D.C., where sales have gone up over the past year.

The company is also planning to increase its supercharger stations in Germany. Some of the regions identified for this project include: Zurich, Switzerland, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. A close look at the company’s work plan reveals that it intends to cover about 100% of the country by mid 2014. The stations will have modern facilities which will enable those using electric vehicles to recharge much quicker and for free. The facilities will be able to accommodate any vehicles that are rechargeable at 135KW. This development will make the company’s superchargers some of the best options for those who are traveling over long distances. The superchargers are going to be able to recharge cars within a period of twenty to twenty five minutes.

Introduce High Speed Tuning Options
Another development that will be seen in this part of the world is the introduction of high speed tuning for the Model S vehicles in Germany. The service will not only be available for new purchases, but also for those who have already bought vehicles from the company. This service will enable users to get the full performance capabilities of the Model S in Autobahn.

Germany is one of the most important markets in Europe when it comes to vehicle sales, and this is one of the reasons why Tesla has decided to make its build up its presence in the country even more. The new developments are going to see Tesla’s products compete with a number of vehicles in the country including: Mercedes, Audis, Porsche, and BMWs. The emphasis on Germany is part of a wider plan by the company to get an even larger share of the European market focusing primarily on the western countries.

More About Tesla
Tesla is an American company that mainly deals with the manufacturing of electric vehicles. The company has over the years become very popular for producing eco-friendly products that conform to the highest standards of quality. The reputation that this company has built over the years makes it one of the most fierce competitors in the vehicle manufacture industry. Its main products are the Model S and Model X series of vehicles.

Following significant success in the U.S. market, this company has rapidly expanded to capture markets from around the world. Its products are now available in, Asia, Europe, South America and Australia. The company is committed to giving customers products that function optimally in order to give the most desirable results, and this is why it is always coming up with innovative ways of keeping customers happy. Its latest move to penetrate the European market will no doubt face a lot of challenges, but with the resilience it has shown in the past, it may very well overcome every obstacle to become a force to reckon with.